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Magic Mushroom Grow Kits


Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

Psilocybe Cubensis Brazil is an aggressive and extremely fast colonizer – and very easy to grow. All you need is one of these 100% mycelium, a little bit of water and a bit more patience. Large, dense fruits and lightning fast – served in several flushes.

This cubensis strain produces nice prints to continue your research with. Breed your own Mexican Mushrooms or the Stropharia Cubensis with the NLNaturals Mexican Growkit. The Mexican mushrooms are ideal for people who want to experience a mushroom trip for the first time.

Mexican mushrooms give you an energetic and fantastic trip. The Mexican mushrooms take you to the sunny side of life

The Cambodian Mushroom Grow Kit is a great Magic Mushroom Grow Kit for beginners. The Cambodian mushrooms grow a bit slower but have large flushes. A visual and unique spectacle. Available in 1200cc and 2100cc.

NLNaturals Mushroom Grow Kits

The NLNaturals Mushroom GrowKit contains everything you need to grow your own Mushrooms. Just add water and follow the instructions. In addition to the GrowKit, the All-in-one GrowKit contains a growth bag with air filters and 2 paperclips.

On average, three flights are possible per GrowKit.
After cooling, the GrowKit can be kept for about 3 to 6 months. Outside the cooling system, the GrowKit has a limited shelf life,


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